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Anno 1932
Background della firma
Nonno Moretti
Rete letto 1932

The Moretti family established the company

The company was founded
in 1932 by Franco Moretti
and in 1935 was registered as a
“Factory for Metal Bed Bases”.
In 1953 the “Folding Double Bed Base”
was patented by Franco Moretti.

Anno 1963
Logo industrie reti moretti

I.R.M. Industrie Reti Moretti

The company moved to its current facilities at Corbanese
in the province of Treviso.The founder's children, Armando
and Lucia Moretti, entered the company to take on the task
of advancing Industrie Reti Moretti to achieve more ambitious aims:
developing innovative products and leading an increasingly
broader and more demanding market.

L'Azienda Industrie Reti Moretti
Foto Armando
Foto Luca
Anno 1977
Doga della rete Super
Rete Super

The first slatted bed base in Italy

In 1977 a patent was applied for in the name
of Armando Moretti for a new method of housing slats
in a steel frame and in 1979 another application
was made for a patent regarding a double slatted
support with central slats.

Anno 1982

Moretti S.N.C.

A new company was set up for the exclusive
production of slatted bed bases.
The first model was called Dorsal.
With this product the company firmly grasped
the baton to be the first to take the slat system
to victory in Italy and popularize a new concept of sleep.

Dorsal Locandina
Dorsal Logo Vintage Dorsal Locandina Vintage
Anno 1989
Restyling logo Dorsal
Materasso lattice Talalay Vitalay
Rete a doghe in legno Dorsal anni 90

Dorsal s.r.l.

Dorsal identified itself with the product's
success and its slogan in this period was: “Dorsal,
healthy sleep improves life!”, which was later replaced
by “The most natural way to sleep”, to underline
the brand identity more clearly.
In the early '90s the catalogue was completed with lines
of wooden bases, mattresses, pillows and beds.

Anno 2005
Nuovo logo Dorsal

Grand Soleil appears

In June 2005, the Dorsal Magazine introduced
to Italy Grand Soleil®, the first original mattress
manufactured with renewable natural resources,
followed in 2007 by the revolutionary Zefiro mattress,
the only one to use the patented Tubes® technology.

AIFI Associazione Italiana Fisioterapisti

Materasso Grand Soleil
Grand Soleil Logo
Anno 2008
Tubes Zefiro
Zefiro® Dorsal
Materasso Zefiro
Anno 2010
guanciale Sistema Letto Zefiro
materasso Sistema Letto Zefiro
supporto Sistema Letto Zefiro

Zefiro bed system

The first bed system created to work together.
Arranged to perform in perfect synergy, the anatomical
support, mattress and pillow make up a unique system
to guarantee absolutely ergonomic comfort.
For this purpose and for the first time since 1977 Dorsal
replaced its wooden slats with a mesh made up of Tubes®,
a technology well tried and tested on Zefiro mattresses:
this was the birth of the Zefiro Bed System.

The Zefiro Bed System lives and breathes with you,
embracing you like two open hands.
Zefiro is the bed system that allows you to wake up
feeling refreshed every morning.

Logo 80 anni Dorsal®