Grand Soleil

Grand Soleil: the first, the original, mattress made from renewable resources such as sunflower oil and water.

To rest well all you need is the power of a flower, the sunflower. In fact Grand Soleil® contains the extracts of sunflower oils which, mixed with water and throughout a production process, become a foam ideal for mattresses and pillows.

Our natural conscience drives us to invest on technologies that use renewable resources (unlike petrol that is limited) but guaranteeing a level of quality that passes our standards.

Grand Soleil® is the first and original, revolutionary foam, highly hygienically and breathable.

The products Grand Soleil
mono cell Mono Cell®
The composing cells of this structure are all the same size. It supports the body and matches its movements perfectly, assuring a regenerative, comfortable sleep.
Duo ocell Duo Cell®
With its mixed, carefully balanced structure (50% of small cells and 50% of a larger size) this composition offers a unique sleeping sensation. The supporting action of the larger cells, combined with the flexible support offered by the smaller cells, creates ideal support for the spine.
Trio cell Trio Cell®
It's based on a combined structure incorporating three types of cells (33% large - 33% medium - 33% small). A perfect blend of support (large cells), balanced pressure (medium cells) and uncompromising comfort (small cells) in this material means the resulting product can soothe muscular tension and provide the body with total relaxation in every position.

Three cellular compositions to meet everybody’s needs.

It’s important to fully understand that the quality of materials is not an abstract concept, but a real decisive element that can truly affect the quality of life in its fundamental aspect of sleep. That’s why it’s essential to experience hands-on the difference between mattresses, to lie down and test their consistency: in other words to get to know the type of support, the degree of comfort and anatomical features most suitable for our body and needs. 

Also in this respect Grand Soleil is innovative because its structure has three different molecular compositions: Mono Cell®, Duo Cell® and Trio Cell®, that give each mattress exclusive performance to meet all needs.

Let’s take a look at the specific characteristics of each structure.


Fiducia nel tessile Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guarantees absence of harmful substances for the human organism. With eco-compatible production processes and without CFC gases and thermo- recyclable.
C.A.R.M.E.N. The creation of the innovative material has already been given the support of C.A.R.M.E.N., an important renewable resources coordination centre in Bavaria: this collaboration fully testifies to the environmental awareness of Grand Soleil.

Anti bacteria and anallergic

Looked closely, Grand Soleil has an open cell structure that gives it high breathability, guarantee of a perfect micro-climate. Its pores act like a natural sponge that allow the mattress to breathe eliminating all problems generated from moisture and humidity.



Natur Memory:a perfect anatomic support.

Natur Memory is a heat sensitive foam (memory foam, visco elastic) that shapes up perfectly to your body. Ideal for pressure relieving as it models itself and adapts perfectly to the natural curves of the body, distributing the weight over the entire supporting surface. It relieves the pressure on the areas that bear the greater load, ensuring great comfort and relaxation, whatever position the body assumes. Natur Memory can be found on: Zefiro Platinum, Zefiro108 Memory, Antares, Etoile, Vega, Matrix Memory and Sublime.

Unlike traditional visco elastic on the market, Natur Memory is remarkable for its composition based on sunflower oil and water. It is odourless and also "breathes": qualities obtained by a special working process that gives it an open cell structure. This features make Natur Memory a anallergic and antibacterial material.

Natur Memory is available in two versions: standard and comfort for light weights or simply for those who love an embracing rest.

The products dorsal® Grand Soleil

Grand Soleil Greener

Grand Soleil Greener

2018 Collection

Grand Soleil Greener, characterized by the perfect combination of 4-layer hybrid and a selection of the finest Grand Soleil materials based on vegetable oils. Hygienically perfect and with the highest level of comfort thanks to the innovative ecological cover with a contemporary design.





It is a core modelled with seven differentiated contour zones, matched with innovative Natur Memory for absolute comfort. Special processing allows it to adapt to the body and increases the breathability of the mattress.
Antares is now made with a new process that differentiates the head and foot ends, one more comfortable and the other firmer to considerably increase adaptation.
The top layer with 7cm of Natur Memory is matched with 11cm of medium or soft Grand Soleil Trio Cell®.



The high intrinsic performance of Grand Soleil is enhanced by the complex design of the Soleil core surface, with seven zones comfort. The vertical and horizontal cutting grid, shaped as a diamond, distributes the pressure of the body recreating a relieving and natural massaging effect, Soleil is recommended for those who suffer from back pain or simply for those who are aware of the importance of sleeping well. Total core height 18cm

Matrix Memory

Matrix Memory

Top layer in self-modelling Natur Memory enhanced by special contour cuts that aids adaptation to the body contours.
The special air outlet channels of the Cube® system ensure optimum ventilation.
Top layer with 4 cm of Natur Memory.
Core height 18cm.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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