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Zefiro, the mattress that breathes

Dorsal considers its Zefiro mattress the very best. Due to an internal system of air channels made up of Tubes® (tubular elements) humidity is rapidly drawn off and guided out of the mattress, ensuring a constant microclimate.

Zefiro is also available in the latest generation Natur Memory version: a system of accurate inlays provides the mattress with differentiated firmness to support the different parts of the body.

Because the Tubes® system has no metal parts Zefiro is completely free of electromagnetic fields.

Interzum Award, E Gut Test, LGA, Istituto Hohenstein are just some of the numerous prizes and acknowledgements awarded to Zefiro. Its strong innovative content, the material from which it is made, the design of the core and durability over time make it an absolute benchmark in the industry.

Zefiro products
Tecnologia Tubes®

Tubes®, the heart of the bed system

This technology is patented by Dorsal and employs Grand Soleil, an innovative foam made of water and sunflower oil for the load-bearing element of Zefiro mattresses. 
The different colours of the Tubes® indicate different degrees of firmness to adapt perfectly to the body.

 Tubes® technology has your wellbeing in mind; it has eliminated metal to free the body of static electricity so that sleep is relaxing and deep.

Elastic and non-deforming, Tubes® develop perfect counter pressure that supports the different parts of the body and ensures the right posture for a good night’s sleep.

Grand soleil

Grand Soleil: it takes a flower to make a mattress

Dorsal cares about the wellbeing of people and the environment they live in. For this reason its top of the range mattress uses Grand Soleil, the first original foam made of raw materials from renewable resources such as sunflower oil and water: the best guarantee of a truly natural mattress.

Certified as lacking substances harmful to humans, Zefiro is manufactured with eco-compatible processes (without the use of CFC gas) and is recyclable.

Zefiro and Grand Soleil employ tried and tested German technologies and undergo numerous tests during production to guarantee the highest quality standards, also with the collaboration of the Italian Physiotherapists’ Association (A.I.Fi).

The products dorsal® Zefiro

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Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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