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Tubes® technology


The Zefiro pillow, based on sunflower oil and water, incorporates Tubes® technology

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Naturn Memory Pillows

Natur Memory

Natur Memory adapts perfectly to the natural contour of the cervical section of the spine

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Grand Soleil Soft Care pillows

Soft Care

A member of the Grand Soleil family, Soft Care makes pillows particularly breathable

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Vitalay latex pillows


Vitalay latex pillows are produced by a complex Talalay process

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Pillows in 100% natural fibres

Natural fabric

Pillows in 100% natural fibres, breathable and non-allergenic

Natural fabric pillows ›

The Natural Fibres line of pillows ›

Pillow cases

High anti-bacterial protection

Dorsal produces cases for any type of pillow, in revolutionary or 100% natural fabrics.

The Dorsal line of pillow cases ›

Pillows, cushions, pillow cases and quilts:

Refreshing sleep is based on the harmony between the different components of a bed system. That’s why we have added to our range of mattresses a pillow with the same characteristics as each family (Zefiro, Grand Soleil and Vitalay pillows).

In classical, standard or newer cervical versions, all our pillows are non-allergenic and anti-bacterial and ensure maximum breathability that provides the ideal microclimate for sleep.

Those who prefer an even more anatomical pillow can choose from versions in Natur Memory, a fully natural elastic viscose, and models certified as Class 1 medical devices.

Complete with 100% pure cotton pillow cases, Dorsal pillows can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30°.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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