The Super range, born to meet every need, is the most proven Dorsal production model and keeps its validity unchanged over time.

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Superego suspensions respond to stresses, giving the entire bed system a balanced elasticity and comfort.

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Superego Firm

Superego Firm is an anatomical support designed for an audience that prefers a sustained, firm and stable bed system.

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Supernova Plus

Supernova Plus offers great comfort, thanks to excellent materials and ergonomic solutions.

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Supernova combines the sturdiness of the steel frame with the twin suspension fit.

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Varial offers great quality and robustness typical of Dorsal products.

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A new range of Dorsal steel frames renewed in their aesthetic, performing and unmistakable.

Having the best features of the historical Super model, a whole range has been created, renewed in aesthetics and performance and to meet a growing need for wellness and functionality.

The new range of Dorsal steel frames meet the needs of people in relation to individual morphology, age and weight requirements.

There are 6 models which extend in 28 versions. From the historic Super model to the performing Superego and Supernova, they all feature new Dorsal slats and new sablé  nishes. In the ideal bed system, mattress, slatted bed and pillow should work in close synergy.

To support the back and its natural shape, to react elastically at every pressure, slatted bed bases (as well as the mattresses) must be able to offer differentiated ergonomic solutions.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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