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The vertebral column is one perfect device of which one must have maximum consideration. To sleep on inadequate beds, with slats and mattresses too much rigid or weak means to compromise the natural positions and shape of the body, provoking sensations of “pins and needles” and muscular annoyance of back, arms and legs. 

This is due to poor blood circulation and too much pressure on focused points. With Dorsal the column relaxes in a natural way and excellent quality material used on our products allow pressure relief.

Dorsal works while you sleep.

Medical Device.
When this logo is found it means that Dorsal products passed and comply the European Standards for tax claim expenses.

Zefiro 108 Memory, Antares and Étoile are CE-marked Class 1 for medical equipment and comply with the standard set by European Directive 93/42/CEE.
This means that these products benefit greatly from the financial savings that result from preventing pressure sores. 

People who sleep on NaturMemory feel a more relaxing and healthier sleep which has a positive impact on possible treatment and recovery from injuries.
It is recommended to people who are forced to stay in bed for a long period of time (more than 12 hours a day), usually patients after a surgery. The risk of excessive pressure from extended still positions could cause pressure sores, lack of blood circulation and perish of skin cells.
NaturMemory also comply with 2001/95/CE (concerning safety of product that are commercialized in the market).

Disclaimer: check local authorities and laws (and also your local dealer) to gather more information on how you can claim this mattress expense on the next tax refund.

The test was performed by CATAS laboratory with the aim of testing pressure relief advantages of NaturMemory foam used in conjunction with Dorsal bedframes and pillows that have passed the Medical Device standards.
Body Pressure Measurement System was operated, a software able to localize the differences of distribution of the pressure

of the human body of the three subjects.
Positions assumed were both to the side and face up to simulate the classic sleeping positions. The three persons had different bedframe system associated to the mattress to best match the person anatomy and give optimal muscle relaxation.

Test results ›

The images show three persons, different in body shape and weight (upper: female, fit, 56kg, 165cm – middle: male, sportsman, 75kkg, 175cm – lower: male, sedentary job, 100kg, 185cm).

Chromatic scale
the test shows how all three persons did not develop a high level of pressure therefore both mattress and bedframe worked together to give the best weight distribution. The scale measures the pressure in this case mmHg (millimeter of mercury) that converted in gr/m² or pounds/inch² are 1,36gr/m² or 0.02pounds/inch². For example the green area, point of maximum pressure located on hips and shoulders (18.5 to 24.5) means a pressure on your skin of 34gr/m² (0.5pounds/inch²).
Scala Cromatica
Person 1 - 56 kg  
Test Soggetto 1 Soggetto 1 - fianco
face up to the side
Person 2 - 75 kg  
Test Soggetto 2 Soggeto 2 - fianco
face up to the side
Person 3 - 100 kg  
Soggetto 3 Test Soggetto 3 - Fianco
face up  to the side

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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