Zefiro: anatomical support innovation

Rete Zefiro

Using the Tubes® Technology of the Zefiro mattress, Dorsal has designed an innovative line of anatomical bases that takes advantage of the complex patented Tubes® system as an alternative to the traditional slats. Like a constant breath Tubes® technology gives the Zefiro Bed System a feeling of comfort and freshness that provides a perfect micro climate.

Not only wellbeing, but also good looks are guaranteed. The Zefiro anatomical base is pure Italian design: no technical elements on view, just a highly breathable fabric. For the first time an anatomical base becomes a design feature, in perfect harmony with any style.

  • 1. The solidity of beech plywood
  • The structure of the Zefiro anatomical base is entirely in selected beech plywood. Zefiro is distinguished by the solidity of the materials used and attention to detail. The innovative features of the corner are a Dorsal's patent. The special line of the feet has also been designed to harmonise with the frame. The finishes available for the Zefiro anatomical base are: natural beech or grey lacquered.
  • 2. Air Vent Cover
  • Smart fabric elegantly covers the technical part of the Zefiro base. Highly breathable, it ensures maximum ventilation between the base and mattress.
  • 3. Comfort layer
  • A breathing comfort layer placed between Tubes® and fabric.
  • 4. Tubes® technology
  • Through its ventilation channels the Tubes® system rapidly disperse humidity away. The colours of the Tubes® elements indicate the different degrees of firmness, studied in perfect synergy with the Zefiro mattress and according to the areas where load is more or less concentrated.
Back Section
Back Section posizione di Lettura

The new Back Section system

The Zefiro range of bases comes in traditional single (NA), king and queen versions (MA), as well as a renewed motorised version, RB Back Section.
The new RB base increases the pleasure of using a motorised base; the head has been enhanced with a new backward movement of the spine section, with which to achieve the different positions more comfortably and ergonomically.

When moving the Zefiro RB motorised base the aesthetic qualities of the cover used for the internal frame are highlighted.
The colours of the Air Vent fabric co-ordinate with the mattresses and bed linen.

Air Vent, a stain proof breathable fabric

Ventilation is one of the essential factors for avoiding the accumulation of humidity inside the bed system and ensuring relaxing sleep.

For its new Zefiro base Dorsal uses revolutionary Air Vent fabric.
+50%Small windows created by a unique weaving system allow natural ventilation, increasing the fabric’s breathability by up to 50%. Their geometrical distribution all over the base ensures uniform ventilation.

The fabric is treated with latest generation Teflon® nanotechnology which makes it permanently water and oil repellent without affecting the fabric’s breathability.

The products dorsal® Zefiro bed base

Zefiro NA

Zefiro NA

- 70x30mm anatomical base in beech wood
- Tubes® technology with seven comfort zones
- Air Vent fabric
- Single version

Zefiro MA

Zefiro MA

- 70x30mm anatomical base in beech wood
- Tubes® technology with seven comfort zones
- Air Vent fabric
- King and queen versions with central reinforcing foot provided

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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