Reti letto in legno Forest
Reti letto in legno Forest

For those who respect, love and are Nature friendly

The first FSC ®Dorsal bed-base

Wooden bed bases

Bases for lovers
of natural things

For 20 years now Dorsal has offered a slatted bed base with a frame entirely in beech plywood.
The competence we have acquired in years of work and research has allowed us to build up a range of 8 models, diversified by ergonomics and comfort.
The range includes the versions flat (NA), double (FA), with manual movement (GA) and with motorized movement (RA).

The wooden bed bases ›

Steel bed bases

Strength and durability

Durability and reliability for a beech plywood bed system we have been producing since 1977.
Today there are 5 models in the Super and Varial range we have had in production for over thirty years, with a series of variants to meet all needs regarding size, comfort and anatomical adaptation.

Our steel slatted bed bases ›


Three-dimensional comfort

Reduces the body pressure points
due to the Multypoint system
and maximum customization of the head
and foot board positions with
4 independent motors: this is the
innovative Xpoint bed base.

The 3 Xpoint versions XPoint ›

Wood and steel slatted bed bases:
fundamental complements for the work of a mattress.

We were the first in Italy to introduce the use of wooden slats,
contributing to the popularization of a new sleep concept.
It was the beginning of a long journey through excellence.
Today Dorsal products are certified medical devices,
acknowledged for their value. Attention to Nature is foremost
at Dorsal and is also present in slatted bases because the beech
wood used comes from sustainably managed forests.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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