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Zefiro: the first bed system concept with elements that work together

Tubes ® , the heart of the Zefiro system

Tubes l'anima sel sistema letto

Zefiro is Tubes® patented technology: a complex system of tubular elements that make up a grid of ventilation channels designed to rapidly disperse the humidity that forms in the bed system. Tubes® are placed so as to work in perfect synergy, throught anatomical base, mattress and pillow to form a system that ensures fully ergonomic comfort.

The elastic and non-deforming Tubes® elements develop perfect counter pressure that stops the body sagging or taking on bad positions. Designed with different degrees of firmness, they are pure ergonomic comfort.

Tubes® technology eliminates metal and frees the body from static electricity.
The result is a deep sound sleep.

Zefiro: the first bed system concept with elements that work together

Sistema letto zefiro

Important factors for healthy rest, such as a perfect micro climate and ergonomic comfort, contribute to our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

With this in mind Dorsal presents an absolutely innovative bed system: Zefiro. During sleep every one of us loses in average up to 200 litres of liquid a year in perspiration.
With the Zefiro bed system body humidity does not linger but it is dispersed through the ventilation channels that guide moisture out of the bed system.
This also prevents the formation of a favourable environment for bacteria and allergenic agents.
Like a continuous breath Zefiro gives the bed system a feeling of comfort and freshness for a perfectly hygienic micro climate.

Zefiro: improve your life with the force of the sun

Zefiro migliora la vita con la forza del sole

Made of raw materials from renewable sources, the Zefiro Bed System is today the pride of the Grand Soleil line, designed to provide a new dimension of quality to sleep.

Certified free of substances harmful to humans, Zefiro is manufactured by eco-compatible processes (no CFC gas) and is thermo-recyclable.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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