Vitalay: rest and beauty

Natural, healthy sleep promotes well-being, joie de vivre and beauty. The kind of beauty that comes from good health based on a wholesome diet, regular physical exercise and comfortable, beneficial rest, easing muscle tension and stress that builds up during the day.
This is the ideal kind of comfort provided by a VITALAY mattress.
Forget all you have heard and been told about latex. VITALAY is more than just standard latex. It is different because represents the excellence of its kind. Its secret lies in the combination of natural products and the exclusive, complex manufacturing process called Talalay. The result is a special round cell structure which is very open and uniform, ensuring the mattress's unique resilience and total breathability. By choosing VITALAY you are guaranteed long-lasting and complete comfort without compromise, which will transform your sleep experience, for years on end, into one of extraordinary beauty.

The products Vitalay
Comparazione lattice

The keys to the success

- An extraordinary experience of comfort in the whole body.
- A perfect elasticity that allows the spine to rest in a perfect straight position.
- Open cell structure regulates body temperature while sleeping.
- Long lasting without sagging.
- Non-allergenic and humidity proof.
- Highly hygienic.

Vitalay Embrace

An extraordinary sensation of breathability in an embrace. Dorsal presents the revolutionary viscoelastic material with a natural latex base using Talalay technology. VITALAY EMBRACE is so accommodating that it completely adjusts to your body shape while retaining its unique breathability, freshness and durability.

Accoglimento corpo Confortevole abbraccio Adattamento
Responds to pressure and heat, gently accommodating the body. Let yourself go in a comfortable embrace. Adjusts to your body shape in any position and always returns to its original shape.

A unique production process

miscela lattice 1. Exclusive lattices mix refrigerazione 4. Freezing
Molecules are brought down to -30°C, which binds them together, to become an open cell structure.
lavaggio 7. Washing
This process eliminates the residues of proteins, making the cores clean.
iniezione 2. Iniezione
Exclusive aluminium moulds.
addensamento 5. Gelling
The compound is treated with a mix of CO2.
asciugatura 8. Drying and post vulcanisation
8 hours at 85°C.
vacum 3. Vacum
Air is extracted from the mould causing the mix to expand and the appearing of cells.
vulcanizzazione 6. Vulcanisation
The mould is taken to +115°C which makes the cells expand.
test 9. Test
Quality checks are run in 15 different parts to verify density, elasticity and product defects.
Fiducia nel tessile
Natural and environmentally friendly
The VITALAY exclusive latex mix does not contain chalk, talcum, or any other harmful components. To protect the environment, no CFC is used in the production cycle, earning us an OEKO-Tek Standard 100 certificate.
An allergy barrier
VITALAY has antibacterial qualities and is barren ground for mould and dust mites. In addition, at the end of the work cycle, careful washing eliminates any residue from each core, especially allergenic latex proteins. These characteristics are tested and checked by laboratory tests performed by the ERLANGEN DERMATOLOGISCHE UNIVERSITÄTSKLINIK, Germany.

Add comfort to sleep: a barrier against allergies

Those who think that a good sleep just means feeling comfortable on a mattress forget an important component of a good night’s sleep: hygiene.

We often come across the common saying that latex mattresses are a habitat for mould and bacteria.
We at Dorsal have created Vitalay to deny this false idea once and for all.
This range of mattresses in top quality Talalay undergoes long processing that eliminates from the core possible residues of the latex proteins that are a source of allergies.
The Talalay open cell makes these mattresses highly breathable, elastic and heat regulating, as certified by laboratory tests performed by the German DERMATOLOGISCHE UNIVERSITÄTSKLINIK in ERLANGEN.

The products dorsal® Vitalay



Sublime unites the extraordinary qualities of Vitalay latex with the performance of Natur Memory Comfort. The innovative anatomical design of the insert reacts to body movements, supporting and holding it: the result is extraordinary comfort.
Its combination of natural materials, the degree of firmness and the structure with differentiated zones make Sublime an excellent mattress.
Firmness: medium/firm.
Core height 18cm.



A differentiated seven-zone Vitalay inner core, combined with Embrace memory foam for a unique comfort and breathability.
Embrace accommodates your body, releasing tension and stiffness. Its special internal construction highlights the anatomical features of the mattress. Paradise is the "beauty farm" for the night.
Top layer 5cm memory Embrace over a 13cm Vitalay firm layer. Seven-zone comfort design. Total breathability with open cells. Hypoallergenic, certified by laboratory tests.
Firmness: Embrace + Vitalay firm.
Core height 18cm.



The special differentiated seven-zone construction with memory Embrace helps the body unwind and muscles to relax, improving the quality of your sleep. Top layer is 4cm memory Embrace over a 12cm Vitalay firm layer.
Firmness: Embrace + Vitalay medium.
Core height 15cm.

Body Care

Body Care

BodyCare is a Dorsal project in collaboration with the experts of the Talalay latex process. The grade of firmness and the profiled surface give the inner core a perfect balance which results in a unique comfort and perfect adjustability to motorised slats systems contouring and adjusting naturally to your body shapes. Firmness: medium/firm.
Core height 15cm.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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