The Dorsal bed system

The Dorsal bed system

Comfortable and welcoming to encourage sleep and, at the same time, hygienic and anatomical to look after the spine.

Comfortable and welcoming to encourage sleep and, at the same time, hygienic and anatomical to look after the spine. This is what an ideal bed should be like. A research conducted over a ten-year period has shown that balance between the bed’s various components (frame, mattress, pillow) is essential, because even the best mattress can become less effective if it is not matched with a base offering anatomical support. Indeed frame, mattress and pillow must work in synergy, supporting the spine, conforming to its natural shape and reacting elastically at pressure points. This is the only way to achieve a supporting effect for the vertebrae and producing a stretching effect on them, relieving the spine off the body’s weight. This is the best and healthiest condition for sleep and it is precisely what Dorsal produces.

Mattress - inner core

By using premium materials and unique processing techniques, Dorsal mattresses are different in materials, structures, densities and heights which means that a bed system can provide unique individual support and meet personal needs.

Anatomical bed base

In a good sleeping system, the base is essential: it has to support the mattresses and the person’s body. Dorsal design slatted frames to work in synergy with both and enhance comfort. The strongest, most flexible laminated beech is used in our slats and strict production standards complied with to make the Dorsal bases unique in terms of strength and reliability. Their looks have been designed to blend harmoniously with any kind of house furniture style.


A pillow is the final touch required to achieve true relaxation. It has to provide the proper support, without resulting in compression, instead allowing the cervical spine, muscles and relevant nerve tracts to relax.

Mattress - cover

The cover is a very important component of the bed system. It gives extra comfort and with a simple zipper it allows the cover to be removed entirely and washed at home. No dry cleaning is needed and easily, in just one day, the cover is fresh and clean.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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