Materasso Elisir

Materasso Elisir
The secret of long life:
simply a good night’s sleep.

A lot is said and written about the elixir of immortality... Today Dorsal reveals a simple secret for a long life: sleep well in the most natural way. DorsalStudio has produced Elisir, an innovative line of mattresses and pillows designed to provide us all with the best sleep possible.

The differentiated solutions of Elisir adapt perfectly to any needs for comfort, sleeping habits and age. Forget those sleepless nights trying to find a comfortable position and getting to sleep. Forget being suddenly woken up by hot flashes. Forget those mornings when it seems to wake up more tired than before...

The products Elisir Why was Elisir developed?
Natur memory gel


is created by an exclusive Dorsal process: the fusion of Mousse Gel and Natur Memory. It guarantees heat regulation and breathability and helps to disperse body heat, with many advantages. It models itself to the body and becomes the perfect support that brings relief where there are problems of compression. It also reacts actively to changes in position, so that sleep remains deep and restful. Natur Memory Gel is inserted into Elisir 4000 and Elisir 5000 mattresses.

Absolutely avant-garde "Ingredients"  :

  • Mousse gel

    MOUSSE GEL, a highly heat regulating breathable material. It helps to disperse heat and adapts to the contours of the body.

  • Mousse

    MOUSSE, a highly adaptable natural material, viscoelastic but not heat sensitive. Its indispensable addition into the more delicate areas such as the shoulders, make Elisir mattresses anatomical.Mousse is a Dorsal exclusive.

  • Natur memory

    NATUR MEMORY, a natural heat sensitive material; its special structure relieves body pressure allowing the spine to relax. Natur Memory is a Dorsal exclusive.

Materasso Elisir

All the qualities of Elisir

  • Elisir is anatomical: t helps your body maintain the right position during sleep, freeing it of tension and rigidity. Your shoulders and joints are in a more natural position and this will help to reduce muscular and joint pain.
  • Elisir has a lot of comforts: providing relaxing sleep and helping to recover energy.
  • Elisir is load-bearing: designed to bear heavy loads, it is suitable for all builds.
  • Elisir is heat regulating: dispersing the body’s excessive heat and consequently improving the skin’s physiology.
  • Elisir is breathable: humidity is absorbed and dispersed to eliminate the annoyance of waking up due to a sudden flash of heat.
  • Elisir is hygienic and non-allergenic.

He who sleeps well live better and longer.
To sleep well every age needs
its specific well-being.

Dorsal Elisir is the suitable product for the mature age.

Meet Mario and Laura
  • Mario, photographer, 56 years old

    Mario is an intelligent man with an intensely active life:
    he goes for a run in the early morning and then rushes
    from one appointment to another; days run on fast, like him.
    But in the evening he recovers with small regenerating
    pleasures: a meal out with Laura and his daughters,
    a hot bath, a Woody Allen movie comfortably resting...
    on his Elisir bed...

    Mario chose Elisir, find out why ›

  • Laura, bio architect, 47 years old

    Laura always gives her best in her daily commitments.
    Designing and planning requires clarity of thought but with
    adolescent daughters there is a lot of energy consumption!
    Not to mention the gym, attention to her husband’s needs, and
    her passion for detective stories, which she often reads in bed...
    in her Elisir bed...

    Laura chose Elisir, find out why ›


An expert opinion

Those who sleep well at night will be more perceptive and keen during the day. The medical world agrees that a good night’s sleep is necessary for good health and a general state of wellbeing. Certainly a suitable bed system has a very important role in the quality of a person’s sleep and for this reason we must choose the one that best meets our needs.In later life as the years go by the biological, anatomical and functional “inner-clock” changes for both sexes. The older we get the longer recovery times will be. Although our physical performance may be maintained at a high level through constant exercise, we need to rest longer to recover energy and repair the tissues strained by such activity. Recent studies show how there is a direct correlation between good sleep (in terms of amount and quality) and a longer life span!

At this point it is clear that good sleep that meets personal needs can help us to preserve good health and face the future with a smile!

The products dorsal® Elisir

Elisir issimo

Elisir issimo

Elisir issimo is a mattress that takes from the Elisir line's quality, in a new and functional style. Two climatic sides, new interior shaping and an innovative environmentally friendly cover.

Elisir 5000

Elisir 5000

Elisir 5000 guarantees extremely high performance and great comfort, provided by combining excellent, absolutely innovative materials. Natur Memory Gel and Mousse work in perfect synergy to offer all the benefits of an Elixir of immortality. The Elisir 5000 model is a product that is anatomical, comfortable, strong, heat regulating and breathable.
Top contact surface in Natur Memory Gel height 5 cm;
Shoulder area and calves area in Mousse height 5 cm;
Core total height 21 cm.

Elisir 4000

Elisir 4000

Elisir 4000 is a mattress for all needs of health and wellbeing. Natur Memory Gel placed on the top surface stabilizes mattress temperature to ensure a fresh breathable surface. Anatomical and comfortable, it helps body maintaining the right posture and thanks to the Mousse pads inserted into the mattress layers reduces changes of position so that sleep is relaxing and regenerating.
Top contact surface in Natur Memory Gel gel height 4 cm;
Shoulder area and calves area in Mousse height 3,5 cm;
Core total height 18 cm.

Elisir 3000

Elisir 3000

This mattress is particularly comfortable in the shoulder and calf areas, thanks to the innovation of Mousse inserted into the mattress layers. Mousse Gel enhances the top surface with its pleasant heat regulating features and breathability. The contour cut surface increases ventilation and distributes firmness over 7 zones.
Top contact surface in Mousse Gel height 4 cm;
Shoulder area and calves area in Mousse height 3,5 cm;
Core total height 18 cm.

Elisir 2000

Elisir 2000

The Elisir 2000 mattress offers two usable contact surfaces: one in self-modelling Natur Memory pressure relieving so that the body can relax. The other side offers all the heat regulation and breathability characteristics of Mousse Gel. Special shaping aids anatomical adaptation and increases the breathability of the mattress.
One side in Natur Memory height 3,5 cm;
One side in mousse Gel height 3,5 cml;
Core total height 18 cm.

Elisir 1000

Elisir 1000


The top contact surface in heat regulating breathable Mousse Gel helps to disperse body heat. Elisir 1000 comes with special shaping at the top end and inside the mattress to increase comfort and breathability.
Upper layer in Mousse Gel height 3,5 cm;
Core total height 18 cm.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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