Natur Memory Memory Foam Pillows

Natur Memory,
perfect anatomical adaptation

The elasticity and special structure of Natur Memory provide optimum support. As it reacts to body heat Natur Memory adapts perfectly to the natural contours of the neck and spine, distributing weight over the entire surface, relieving pressure on the heaviest points and ensuring great comfort and relaxation in any position.
After use, Natur Memory gradually and constantly returns to its original shape, guaranteeing high performance over time.

Technologically innovative

Dorsal’s innovative Natur Memory, the first viscoelastic material from natural renewable sources, is distinguished by its ingredients: sunflower oil and water.
Natur Memory is odourless, highly breathable, non-allergenic and anti-bacterial.

Natur Memory dorsal®

Therapeutic Base

Therapeutic Base

Natur Memory pillow, now available also in standard soap shape, with special air channels that allow the pillow to provide comfortable massage, let the skin breathe and create a perfect microclimate.

- Nonallergenic and antibacterial
- Complete with 100% jersey cover
- Washable: completely hand washable.

Dry in the shade away from heat sources.

Therapeutic Cervicale

Therapeutic Contour

Natur Memory pillow, has been enhanced by new vertical air channels designed to provide even more comfort, allow the skin to breathe and create a fresh aired microclimate.
The special shaping of this pillow with two levels relieves pressure on the neck and shoulders to give great comfort and relaxation in all the positions of sleep. Self-modelling and heat sensitive, due to its adaptability Therapeutic Contour ensures maximum relaxation for the cervical spine.

- Anatomical, nonallergenic and antibacterial
- Washable: completely hand washable.

Dry in the shade away from heat sources

Confezione valigetta

Carrying bag

Personalized carrying case for Memory Foam pillow.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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