The mattress with
individual pocket springs
and gel support

This outstanding mattress is created by combining a traditional process
- spring support - with exclusive materials and technologies selected from the Elisir line: Mousse pad, Mousse Gel and Natur Memory. The superior performance of this
“new classical” mattress guarantees a good night’s sleep.

Suite is the ideal solution for anyone who loves the soft support of springs but wants an innovative modern product.

The secret of Suite’s comfort

The secret of Suite’s comfort lies inside the mattress: individual pocket springs that provide delicate but highly effective support, created for easy adaptability.

Suite springs

Suite springs

Their special shape makes them sensitive and adaptable; they stay independent without ever overlapping nor jamming, ensuring silent sleep and better comfort. The two ends have solid stable bases which guarantee long lasting performance.

Automatic air regulation

All the springs have fabric pockets that balance the air flow at every movement.

Suite mattress springs
Dorsal Mousse
Dorsal Mousse


A highly adaptable natural material, viscoelastic but not heat sensitive. Its indispensable addition into the more delicate shoulder area, make Suite mattress anatomical. Mousse is inserted into Suite 480.
Mousse is a Dorsal exclusive.

Mousse Gel

A highly heat regulating breathable material. It helps to disperse heat and adapts to the contours of the body. Mousse gel is inserted into Suite 480, Suite 360 and Suite 260.

Dorsal Mousse Gel
Dorsal Mousse Gel
Dorsal Natur Memory Foam Dorsal Natur Memory Foam
Dorsal Natur Memory Foam

Natur Memory

A natural heat sensitive material; its special structure relieves body pressure allowing the spine to relax. Natur Memory is inserted into Suite 240.
Natur Memory is a Dorsal exclusive.

The products dorsal® Suite

Suite Spa

Suite Spa

2018 Collection

Suite Spa is the perfect combination of traditional springs and the best Dorsal natural materials. Excellent materials such as Natur Memory and Talalay, high breathability and a high-quality environmentally friendly cover with a contemporary design.

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An expert opinion


For a truly rejuvenating sleep it is important that the mattress fits to the body and not the opposite or fatigue, back pains and muscle stiffness are inevitable consequences ...
Suite mattresses have independent pocket springs responding individually and intelligently to every movement, as each spring does not effect the other, hence adapting to every positions with singular and accurate precision.
All springs are contained inside a box which enhance the function of the springs and work in synergy with them: lowering under pressure and providing balanced support to the body, returning pressure, when changing position, giving ideal comfort

All Suite mattresses are 7-zone to ensure a differentiated support and enable the spine to rest in a natural way by minimising the tension of the muscles and joints.


Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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