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Children are the most important treasure in the world. Allowing them to grow in a healthy safe environment is an imperative task for all parents. All families ask themselves how they can guarantee their children the best sleep as they grow up.

The answer comes from a survey carried out by Dorsal in co-operation with physiotherapists. The result is a line of products specially designed and created to meet the particular needs of youngsters. The growing period is a delicate time and to ensure that children develop good posture, not just at school but also when they sleep, means taking their future to heart and being aware that safeguarding their health is above all a question of a good night’s sleep.

The products for children
Materasso Play

As your children grow their needs change

To take care of their health also means making sure they rest
as well as possible. Play is a revolutionary mattress dedicated
to the very young. It is made up of two different elements: a base
which has a support function and a series of three different contour tops suitable for the changing shape of the body during growth.

As your children change over time, their mattress will need to grow with them so that the spine does not risk deformations.

With the Play line it is now possible to buy a mattress suitable for the height and weight of your child, with the possibility over the years to replace just the top in order to adapt to new needs of your children as they grow.

Interchangeable tops, in Natur Memory Comfort, with contour cuts to create comfort zones of differentiated firmness that accommodate the shapes of your child’s body, giving way where necessary and providing greater support to the heavier segments so that the spine rests in a neutral position.

Materasso Babysol

Materasso Babysol

The BabySol core is in Grand Soleil, based on natural oils and shaped with comfort zones of differentiated firmness to accommodate the body perfectly. Its open cell structure ensures suitable support and maximum breathability.
Non-allergenic, non deformable, lightweight.

A field of sunflowers

The fabric for the Babysol cover increases the sensation of comfort given by the extra flexibility of Elastan fibre. A relief floral pattern distinguishes its attractive look.

Removable covers

The BabySol cover is removable by means of a practical zip round all four sides. Machine washable at 60° for absolute hygiene.

Guanciale Energia Baby

Energia Baby the new pillow

The Soft Care version of the Energy Baby pillow with sunflower seed oil and water. Soft Care provides uniform distribution of pressure, making this pillow especially comfortable.

  • Odour free, fresh and non allergenic
  • Complete with 100% cotton internal cover
  • Washable: pillow washable by hand or in the delicate cycle of the washing machine at 30°. Dry in the shade away from heat sources.


Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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