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How can I choose the right mattress for my personal requirements?

There is a simple rule to apply to choosing: test the mattress! With the possibility to try several models it’s easier to find the one that meets your needs in terms of feeling and performance. In latex or natural foam, with thermal or non-allergenic covers, cotton or soft care filling, combinations of different materials and the use of latest generation technologies: the right mattress is the one chosen according to our physical characteristics (build, height, temperature perception, perspiration, and muscular or joint pains) and sleeping habits.

Where can I test a mattress?

To avoid wasting time and getting partial or confused information, it is essential to choose a point of sale carefully. Check above all that it has a good range of products on display so that you can test the differences between models. The best Dorsal dealers provide a well-stocked environment where qualified staff is available to give information about the most up-to-date technologies for sleep and where you can find the Bed System that meets your requirements.

What mistakes must I avoid?

Never forget that we spend over a third of our lives on a mattress. The wrong choice will inevitably influence the two thirds in which we are active. Wellbeing is created also during sleep: sleep disturbed by the wrong support makes a big difference to our psycho-physical equilibrium. For this reason the deciding factor cannot be just price! Above all we must find the product that provides the best feeling, support and structure for our personal characteristics.

I’ve heard that the best type of mattress is a hard one. Is it true?

The hard mattress (orthopaedic) at all costs is a false myth. A mattress should adapt to the physical contours of the spine and body in general, not vice versa. The absolutely perfect mattress does not exist: the right one responds in the best way to the physical characteristics of the person who will use it. It should be firm enough to support the body without altering the natural curvature of the spine.

What is memory foam? Why has Dorsal called it Natur Memory?

Memory foam comes from research by NAS

What are the main qualities of Vitalay latex?

Vitalay latex is much more than standard latex and represents excellence for materials of its type. Latex is a material extracted from the rubber tree varieties of HEVEA BRASILIENSIS and HEVEA GUIANENSIS (Euphorbiaceous family).
The main features of this material lie in the mix of natural ingredients and the exclusive complex production process known as Talalay. The result is a special homogeneous open round cell structure that provides a highly breathable and elastic mattress.

Why choose latex produced by the Talalay method instead of standard latex?

Vitalay latex is preferable because of its special exclusive open cell production process that ensures greatly improved breathability compared with standard latex and its elasticity also has a longer life span, remaining intact through time.

Is Vitalay suitable for those who suffer from allergies caused by dust mites?

Vitalay has anti bacterial qualities: at the end of the production process a special washing cycle eliminates any residue from the cores and, more importantly, removes latex proteins which can cause allergies; this protects all those who suffer from allergies, as Vitalay is extremely hostile for mould and dust mites. Talalay latex is safe and non-allergenic, and these characteristics are checked by laboratory tests carried out in Germany by Dermatologische Universitätsklilik, Erlangen.

What maintenance does a mattress require to preserve its features?

The features of latex or natural foam mattresses are preserved by the same simple operations that apply to other types of mattresses:
 - Turn the mattress head to foot and over 3 or 4 times a year. This keeps the structure of the filling and allows optimum airing.
 - Always read the washing instructions carefully and keep the covers like new and clean.

Is it true that the mattress I use affects the quality of my sleep and daily activities?

As mentioned above, sleeping is the activity that occupies one third of our existence and it allows us to be constantly physically, mentally and emotionally refreshed.

Serenity and mental wellbeing are directly correlated to the quality of our sleep, which also affects the efficiency of our immune system, reflexes, psycho-physical equilibrium and energy metabolism processes.
The choice of a suitable mattress is very important but is not enough for our wellbeing: the entire bed system (anatomical support, mattress and pillow) must be coordinated to meet specific needs.

I often feel tired when I get up; could it be the fault of my mattress?

Yes indeed!
A mattress that forces you into uncomfortable positions or makes you toss and turn during the night interrupts your sleep and causes the brain to come out of a deep sleep for a few seconds, which prevents repose. At the worst this wakes you up completely and can generate chronic insomnia.
Waking up tired in the morning is a warning sign to reassess your choice of mattress and support; these may be worn or unsuitable for the changes that may occur in our lives (e.g. weight problems, traumas or joint deterioration, the addition of a partner, etc.).

What are the main advantages of a natural mattress like those in the Grand Soleil line?

A natural mattress like Grand Soleil is comfortable, non-allergenic, anatomical and entirely without metal parts; it is the original mattress made from raw materials deriving from renewable resources such as sunflower oil and water.
In addition, it has been endorsed by C.A.R.M.E.N., an important coordinating centre for renewable resources based in Bavaria, which witnesses the environmentally sensitive conscience of Grand Soleil. It is elastic and resilient, which means it can recover its original shape and guarantee excellent performance over time. It is breathable: it is distinguished by its molecular structure, which allows optimum air circulation that prevents the accumulation of dust and mould. It is naturally anti bacterial and non allergenic without the need for chemical treatment.

What does it mean when we say a mattress is non-allergenic?

A non-allergenic mattress can be considered such if it is of real help to those who suffer from asthma and allergies to dust mites or other things. It must not create allergies or make matters worse for those who suffer from them.

Dorsal uses innovative technologies for its covers, such as, for example, Naturargento fabric. This employs nanotechnology, that is to say silver ion particles are inserted into the padding and cover fabric. These particles neutralize macrobiotic proteins, bacteria, virus and bacilli.

I am allergic to dust mites. Which is the ideal mattress for me?

The ideal mattress for those who suffer from allergies is one designed to be highly breathable so that humidity cannot collect. This creates an environment hostile to dust mites and the proliferation of other micro-organisms harmful to our health.

Is a mattress with a removable cover really useful?

All Dorsal mattresses come with covers that provide a personal note for our bed system. Only top quality mattresses have removable covers so that they can be washed regularly to provide true hygiene. Dorsal provides covers with zips on all 4 sides, and other features: AIR for constantly control of humidity and heat, keeping the mattress fresh and dry at all times; SOFT CARE, exclusive to Dorsal, designed to alleviate problems deriving from excessive compression; AIR FLOW with no quilting; NANO TECHNOLOGY to enhance the non-allergenic properties of the mattress.

Which is the most suitable mattress for a child?

Mattresses for children should use fabrics and padding that have been treated against bacteria and microbes; they should also provide support suitable for the different stages of children’s growth and development. In this case Dorsal, in collaboration with qualified physiotherapists, has designed the BABYSOL line for cots and the PLAY line for children from 4 to 14: from the cot to a first bed, providing the possibility to replace just the top part of the mattress with one suitable for the child’s growth. All our products are certified Oak-Tex Standard 100, a guarantee of the total absence of harmful substances and the use of eco-compatible work processes.

I’ve been using the same mattress for 10 years: is it time to change it?

10 years for a mattress correspond to around 30,000 hours of use and wear. Many factors contribute to deterioration of a product such as a mattress: use, maintenance and the length of time it is “occupied”. For this reason it’s difficult to define an exact period, although an indication would be around 7 to 19 years.
After 10 years the mattress inevitably loses some of its elasticity and can no longer guarantee enough support for the spine in the different sleeping positions. Prolonged use could have caused sagging in the central part of the structure or inclinations on the sides, as well as compromising optimum hygiene.

What are differentiated zones?

The seven differentiated zones in certain anatomical supports and Dorsal mattresses are designed to ensure maximum comfort and full adaptation to body contours. Seven zone technology provides different degrees of firmness in the areas subjected to more or less load in order to ensure differentiated comfort. Differentiated firmness in mattresses is achieved by cutting or shaping, and in anatomical supports by using joints with different degrees of firmness, increasing the ability of our products to adapt to the support needs of different parts of the body.

Do you also produce non-standard sizes?

On request, Dorsal makes mattresses of any size. We recommend asking our sales office or specialized dealers for information.

How can I choose a double mattress that will be satisfactory for both my partner and I?

Nowadays this problem can be remedied and we can meet the often different needs of two people sleeping together. With the same cover we can couple two different cores on the condition that the height is the same (e.g. a core with medium firmness and a firmer core). The important thing to underline is that there will be no space or gap between the two cores, which are kept together by a single cover.

For how many years is the Dorsal warranty valid?   

Under the terms of Directive 99/44/CE a warranty covers defects in the first two years of a product’s life. By filling in the special form on the web site the warranty can be extended for a further three years, giving a total of 5 years’ Dorsal warranty. Such extension does not include the electrical parts (on motorized versions) and the mattress fabrics/fillings. All the technologies used by Dorsal to produce its Bed Systems are tested and approved by the main European Certifying Bodies (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, CE, Class I MEDICAL DEVICES, CATAS, C.A.R.M.E.N., HOEHENSTEIN Institute, TUV, W:KLAUDITZ INSTITUT FRAUENHOFER and many others). The Dorsal warranty is backed by tests performed in accredited laboratories such as the CATAS laboratories, an organization of which Dorsal is a member. Our mattresses undergo durability tests to EN 1957 Standards, para. 7.2, which subjects them to a fatigue cycle by rolling a 140 kg roller back and forth on the mattress for 30,000 times, simulating a mattress life span of approximately 10 years. When given this test the Zefiro 108 Memory model gave amazing results; at the end of the test a decrease of 1.2 mm was found, which probably only involved the cover.

Why is a slatted base so important?

Because it allows the mattress to provide the best performance and improves its durability. Ten years of research have shown that balance between component parts is essential because even the best mattress is inefficient if it is not harmonized with an anatomical support. Mattress, base and pillow must work together to support the spine, sustain natural contours and provide elastic reaction to pressure. If a brand new mattress is used on an obsolete base, the intrinsic features of the mattress will certainly be lost.

Why should I buy a motorized base or one that can be regulated manually?

Slatted bases that can be regulated manually or by a motor provide more comfort and pleasure due to the fact that the bed can be inclined to your favourite position. Adjustable slats are perfect for those who wish to read or watch TV in bed because they support the spine and avoid contractions or problems with muscle or bone pains. In addition, the possibility to raise the legs certainly helps those who suffer from circulation problems but also anyone going through a busy or difficult period or who are on their feet all day.

Are motorized bases safe?

Dorsal motorized bases undergo the strictest tests for safety, resistance and functionality.    Dorsal motorized anatomical supports not only comply with European Directive 93/42/CEE concerning Medical Devices and following integrative amendments introduced by Directive 2007/47/CE, but also the requisites of Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and Directive 2004/108/CE regarding electromagnetic compatibility. The CE mark on products appears on special labels and on the manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity printed at the end of the user’s manual.      

Are Dorsal motorized bases and mattresses compatible?

Due to their special elasticity most of the models in the Grand Soleil and Vitalay lines can be matched with the bases. They can adapt to movements both by the base and the body. More conventional models of mattresses tend to be more rigid, forcing the spine into unnatural positions. 

Can a double bed be made up of a motorized and a fixed support?

Yes indeed: motorized, manual or fixed supports can go together to create a double base that meets the different needs of each person. In this case single versions of mattresses will be used to allow separate movement of the two supports. Also available is an anatomical support with two independent motorized bases (i.e. the position of each support can be personalised). If the catalogue does not contain a model of this type, it can be created by uniting two single bases.

Which pillow is ideal for people who perspire a lot?

The ideal pillow to solve the problem of heat is undoubtedly the Vitalay latex pillow, which maintains a constant temperature of 36°, or the revolutionary Zefiro pillow which is made of Tubes®, an exclusive Dorsal patent, for absolute breathability due to a complex system of air channels that prevent the accumulation of humidity. Other particularly suitable pillows are those in Soft Care, comfortable and fresh, made from sunflower oil and water.

Are Dorsal pillows washable?

Pillows in Vitalay latex, Soft Care and Natur Memory can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at 30° on the delicate program. Do not place in direct sunlight: dry outdoors in the shade or in a well ventilated room. Fibre pillows must be dry cleaned.

Thick or thin pillow?

As with firm or soft mattresses, there are no universal rules for thick, thin, soft or firm pillows. The pillow is one of the elements most subject to personal preferences. In general we advise a thicker pillow for those who normally sleep on their side as it will fill the space created between the neck, shoulder and mattress. For those who prefer to lie on their backs, a thinner pillow is better to fill the space between the back of the neck and neck, relaxing and preventing strain on the muscles. Lying on the tummy is not advisable as the neck is stretched and twisted.

How often should I change my pillow?

Although there is no real “maximum duration” for a pillow, it’s good practice to replace it every 3-4 years. Obviously replacement times vary according to the amount of use, washing frequency and the sleeping habits of each person. For example, those who perspire a lot or suffer from gastric reflux should replace their pillows more often to ensure hygiene and freshness.

What are cervical pillows?

Cervical pillows have a wave-shaped surface with two different heights. They relieve pressure on the neck and shoulders and help to dissolve and prevent muscle strain, which is the main cause of the many common neck pains. Dorsal offers, for example, Therapeutic Cervicale with a structure in Natur Memory, self-modelling and heat sensitive, and Energia Cervicale, a pillow in the Grand Soleil range in the Soft Care version, based on sunflower oil and water. Zefiro Cervicale and Azzurro Vitalay are also cervical pillows. 

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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