Privacy statement in accordance with and for the purposes of articles 13, 23 and 26 of Italian legislative decree (DLgs.) 30.6.2003 no. 196, with regard to the handling of personal data.

Dear User, in accordance with Italian legislative decree (DLgs.) no. 196/2003 and with regard to the personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data") supplied by you through this website, please be advised that:

- data are handled for the purpose of meeting contract requirements and fulfilling the resulting legal and contractual obligations associated with said requirements, as well as for the purpose of handling business dealings effectively. Data will be handled in written form and/or by means of magnetic, electronic or online media;

- the supply of the data in question is compulsory wherever it is required to meet legal and contractual obligations and consequently, should you refuse to supply them or to consent to their subsequent handling, it may mean we are unable to pursue contractual dealings;

- failure to supply any data that are not connected with legal or contractual obligations, on the other hand, shall be evaluated by the undersigned, case by case, to determine consequent decisions in relation to how important the data requested are to the handling of business dealings. 

Data will be handled for the entire duration of the contractual relations that have been established and beyond that, where necessary, to fulfil all legal obligations as well as for future business purposes;

With reference to the data in question, you are entitled to exercise your rights as laid down in art. 7 of the Italian legislative decree (DLgs.) no.196/2003 within the limits and terms laid down in articles 8, 9 and 10 of the above-mentioned legislative decree.


The data controller is our company, Dorsal S.r.L., Via Madonna di Loreto, 3 - 31020 Corbanese (TV) Italy 0438933003; 0438933023;

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