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A new dimension in comfort
for a new lifestyle.

Experience motor-adjustable anatomical supports feature greater comfort, made possible by the introduction of a sixth section: the Comfort Zone located in the cervical area, and a wider lumbar area. This technical solution develops perfect adaptation to body contours and increases comfort and wellbeing, both in movement or in a static position.
The entire support frame is made of robust evaporated beech plywood. It ensures great stability and pleasant good looks and is particularly appreciated for meticulous attention to details such as the patented corner joints and the carefully studied fitting of the motor to the frame, which conceals the screws along the outer frame from view..

The products Experience



Supporti motorizzati Experience

The Experience series carry an updated technology
which is full of advantages:

  • -the motor is incorporated in the structure;
  • -the traditional metal levers have been eliminated;
  • -the inconveniency of the motor under the frame
    structure has been completely eliminated

This solution is attractive in terms of aesthetics
but also extremely practical as it can be used
on all existing ensembled beds.

motori interamente marcati CE

For the consumer’s protection, Experience motor-adjustable supports carry full CE marking and comply with the essential safety requisites established by EU directives.
Dorsal products carry CE marking covering the entire support and not just the motor. Labelling and instructions manuals also comply with standards.

Tests on electromagnetic fields

Dorsal has submitted Experience to tests as per EN 62233/Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, in an ACCREDIA licensed laboratory. The tests show that the electromagnetic field radiated by the motor, both in use and on stand-by is not only well below the percentages established by standards, but is practically irrelevant.

The products dorsal® Experience

Experience 800

Experience 800

Experience 800 is authentically anatomical, with its 7 zones. The sprung slats and the suspensions work together to interpret the characteristics of the spine and offer perfect adaptation to its contours.

Experience 600

Experience 600

The great performance of the Experience line motor system represents a rigorously essential project. Simple but strong, it offers top quality sleep with the comfort of a motor-adjustable system.

Dorsal's products for rest® are designed, made and tested
in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association

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